What do you mean it’s still summer? We’re already getting ready for all the exciting books coming our way this winter! 

  •  *passes by a library*
  • Dad: Look, it's your sacred grounds. That place is like a church to you.


an amazing new bookstore opened up in the mall near me and i went a little overboard



Tease by Amanda Maciel

Rating: 4/5
Quick Thoughts: Some might find it difficult to read a book about bullying from the perspective of the one who bullied. Even less so when the person whom they bullied committed suicide. But as Amanda Maciel wrote in her author’s note, she believes every story deserves to be heard, and I agree with her. She did a remarkable job writing Sara’s story, one of the students accused of bullying Emma into killing herself.

Full review on Word Revel.

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Book Haul 7/25/14:

code name verity (code name verity #1) - elizabeth wein / two boys kissing - david levithan / boxers (boxers & saints #1) - gene luen yang  / saints (boxers & saints #2) - gene luen yang